How to order a Custom Designed Angel Pin

It will be an honor and a privilege to design an angel specifically for your loved one.

Here’s  what’s included in our custom order package ~

I will personally design the angel for you, based on the information you give me.

I will send you a picture of the design via email for approval.  I hope you absolutely love the first design I send you, but if you don’t, I’ll be happy to make up to 3 changes.  So, you would just email me back with whatever changes you want, I’ll make the changes and send you a new picture.

Once we have agreed upon the design, I’ll make 5 of those angels for you and ship them out for you.

I’ll also add your angel to my website and include a story about your angel.  It’s a great way of having an eternal tribute to your loved one, either in memory of your angel or in celebration of a great life accomplishment, or even as an eternal “Thank You” for people that have been an angel in your life.

What You Get . . .

  • 1 Custom Design
  • 5 Angel Pins
  • Angel Story on the Web

Need more than 5 Angels? 

No problem, your angel will be available for sale individually right on the page that I build for your angel.  You can order as many as you want, right away or any time in the future.

“I received my beautiful little boy angel pin in the mail a couple of days ago.  I lost my own Matthew 18 years ago when he was two years old.  I am planning on giving the pin to my daughter to wear on her cap and gown when she graduates high school in a couple of weeks.  This way she will have her two big brothers cheering her on, one from the bleachers, and the other in spirit.  I am so happy I found your website and I will be sure to tell my friends and family about the beautiful work you do.”

How to get started ~

You’ve probably already browsed through several of the angel pins on my website, but if you haven’t, take a minute to get some ideas of the various parts I have available.  ~ANGEL PINS~

After you have had a chance to browse through, click on the “ORDER NOW” button on this page.  Once you have made your payment, click back to complete the Request Form, you will find a link on the order page.

Complete the request form and click on the submit button.

I will get an email when you submit your request and will be back in touch with you within a day or so.

What You Do . . .

  • Browse through our Angel Pins
  • Place your order
  • Complete the request form